A black hole advanced, sucking up the galaxy, planet by planet. The Horoscopians came together and used their collective skills to find a way to save themselves. In a race to escape, each planet could only send one of their kind into outer space, on course to the only other planet in the universe they could find that supported life; Earth.

Sixty-five million years ago, as they approached their new home, a meteor shower collided with this pod of extra-terrestrial spaceships. Each of the spaceships shattered into dozens of pieces and were suspended as shining constellations in what is known to humans as the Zodiac belt.

A small part of each vessel was propelled into the atmosphere of planet Earth, and once caught in the gravitational pull, they plummeted and scattered across the planet. Each medallion stayed buried and hidden on Earth until found by a human being. And only a human who carried the same star sign could actualize the Zodiac Warrior inside.

But all was not as they hoped on Earth. The humans had destroyed its atmosphere, killed many species and were running out of fresh water fast. Can the Zodiac Warriors and humans save the planet and themselves?